Welcome to Guruvayoor Campus Library, GC library is one of the best library among the 11th campuses library of the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan. The Campus library is established in July 16, 1979. The Library is shifted into new building in December 1, 2006 and its named as Guruvayoor Campus Library. It is a main source of Knowledge, which is an integral and important part of our institute of higher learning. Library is the nerve centre of the organization and plays an important role in social & educational growth of the institution. It also plays a vital role by providing a platform in education at all levels. Our library has rich collection of Sanskrit Books viz. Philosophy, Nyaya, Sanskrit Literature, Vyakarna, Dharmashastra, Jyotishah, Religious, History, Education, Malayalam etc. With a unique collection of around 32208 books and 172 manuscripts apart from Journals, Periodicals, Newspapers, Thesis & Dissertations, the campus library caters to the needs of the students and staff members. .

Library Collection

Books and other material
Sl.No Materials Total No.
1 Books 32208
2 Reference Books 1121
3 Manuscripts 172
4 Magazines 32
5 Current Journals 55
a) Indian Journals 51
b) International Journals 04
6 Thesis & Dissertations 16
7 CDs/DVDs 23

Working Hours of the Library

Library Time : 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Book lending time: 10.00 AM to 4.45 PM

Library closing time: 6.00 PM

Library OPAC . For more details click here

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