Department of Nyaya

The Nyaya or the Indian Logic was propounded by the famous Sage Goutama. It deals primarily with meta-physical problems. It is intended to furnish a precise method of philosophical enquiry into all the objects of human knowledge, including the process of reasoning. Since Nyaya is the basis of all Sanskrit philosophical studies by developing the power of reasoning in human beings, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan started the Department of  Nyaya in Guruvayur Campus in the Academic year 2000-2001. Dr.N.R. Kannan, the Principal, guided the department in the initial years. Since then, the department has flourished with increase in number of students and faculty members. Dr.N.R. Sreedharan is the Campus Head of the department now.


  Dr. N.R.Sreedharan
Asst. Professor & Campus H.O.D
Dr. O. R.Vijayaraghavan
Asst. Professor
Shri. Shambhu Sharan Tiwari
Guest Teacher
Shri. Rajeev Lochan Sharma
Guest Teacher