Department of Sahitya

The Department of Sanskrit Sahithya started to function from 1973 at Sahithya Deepika Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Pavaratty. At that time Shri. P. K. Francis, the son of the founder of the institution Shri. P. T. Kuriyakose Master, was the Head of the Department. After the retirement of Shri. P. K. Francis, the Head of Sahithya Department was the eminent scholar in Kerala Prof. P. C. Vasudevan Elayath. When the erstwhile institution was taken over by the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan in 1979, the head of the Department was Dr. S. Radha till the appointment of Dr. Krishna Chandra Chadurvedi, Reader. Dr. K. C. Chadurvedi, poet and renowned scholar became the Head of the Department. After his transfer Dr. K. T. Madhavan was the Head of the Department till May 2008. As Dr. K. T. Madhavan is asked to discharge the duties of principal of the campus Dr. (Mrs) P. Indira has become the head of the Deparment. Prof. K.P Kesavan is the Head Of the department from 2017.

A good number of books of high academic standard are published by the teachers of the department. The Department gave leadership for organising various academic and cultural activities of this campus. Many of the teachers are invited to deliver talks in significant seminars of National and International levels. Several scholars of international repute have visited the Department and delivered lectures. With the limited resources, the teachers and students of the Department are trying thier level best for the overall development of the Department.


  Prof.K.P. Kesavan
Prof. & Campus H.O.D
Prof. E.M. Rajan
Dr. E.P. Sreedevi
Asso. Professor
Dr. K. Viswanathan
Asst. Professor
Dr. Ramachandra Joisa
Dr. E. R. Narayanan
Asst. Professor